Monday, 10 November 2014

Quick thoughts

I think every year we forget how busy the last school term is, it sneaks up on us and soon the school year draws to a close. My last blog post reflected on my Google Journey, and it has been 4 weeks since I wrote that. Over the past few weeks I have a had a number of ups and downs, some real struggles that came about very unexpectedly. And then some real highlights of my teaching journey. 

My Year 12s are finishing up, they have arrived at the end of their school journey and my Year 11s are now stepping up to their senior roles. Interesting changing dynamics and new relationships. A year ago I bid farewell to a great group of students, this year another good group and once again it is evident at the end that 'Relationships are the key'. This is part of what Matt Esterman wrote about in his latest post 'What's your story?'. We all have a different story, we all share different perspectives and together we all grow as individuals. Forming a strong bond with your students is so important in establishing trust and to help them achieve their goals. 

In the past two weeks their have been struggles both personal and professionally, with changes at school taking place and school directions, that at times do not make any sense at all with lack of transparency. On the other hand I have received tremendously good news (which I will share soon), new opportunities presenting themselves and success with my #TweetingAztecs project (coming in the next blog post). The life of a teacher is filled with great times, and times of unpredictability. 

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