Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Where do I start?

At some point in the last few months, I have struggled to maintain my drive/motivation. There are many reasons behind this and I cannot go into great detail about much, but I'm slowly figuring out more through self-reflection. All teachers probably go through these times and it is important to try and re-establish some focus/goals. I absolutely love teaching, I love my students and seeing them develop and grow over their time with me. I love interacting with my PLN (even though I have been quite absent in recent times) as they inspire, challenge and help me grow. I love my family and the support I get from them. I'm eternally grateful for opportunities that have come along over the past 2 years.

I think my frustration and disappointment is stemming from seeing what great leadership could look like, how innovative practices can transform learning, how forward-thinking schools are led by leaders that lead and not just managed, seeing inspirational teachers and dedicated professionals inspire thanks to my PLN. Maybe this is just wishful thinking or an unattainable dream, but I hope it is not.

I want to be able to work where:
  • teachers opinions and contributions are valued, 
  • they have input in decisions that affect themselves and their students, 
  • they are part of the solution and help generate it through informed discussions, 
  • remunerated and treated fairly, 
  • respected and allowed to pursue new ideas to benefit their students.
Many of these points reflect what students are also looking for, and I'm trying my very best to give it to them, even when the systems restrict/hinder me from doing it.

Students want to be at a school where:
  • students opinions and contributions are valued
  • students have a say in the decisions that affect their learning
  • Students help solve problems/issues, rather than being the problem
  • they are respected
  • they are allowed to pursue their passions
Maybe I'm just rambling, but as I try and figure out where I head to next I need to put it down in words. I think the three parts that have kept me going, and kept me somewhat focused are: my wife and daughter, my students and some key members of my PLN. They are my sources of inspiration, the people that challenge me and help me become a better teacher.

I'm looking forward to the challenges and adventures that await in 2016 and beyond...

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