Saturday, 28 February 2015

The end of the epic #28daysofwriting

The end of the epic #28daysofwriting about A to Z of my random education thoughts.

It has been fantastic being part of this writing expedition over the last 4 weeks. I have made my quota every day, and I have increased my blog posts total to over 70. It has been a wonderful learning process, and I have improved some aspects of my blogging over the past few weeks. There have been days when I struggled for inspiration and when I have been too tired to contemplate writing, and those posts tended to be my worst posts. Overall however I had many opportunities to reflect and share my thoughts, nd it has also allowed me to get more insight into my own thinking. New ideas and inspiration has been formed, and new questions have developed. Thank you to Tom Barrett for initiating this idea and my wife Jacqui du Toit for being my support.

As I end the #28daysofwriting I thought I would share my most memorable posts that I enjoyed writing and had most comments about. These will probably lead to further exploration in the coming months. I love learning and discovering new ideas, and being constantly challenges and growing.

T -Teaching River #28daysofwriting Day 21: (My 2nd Blog post to have over 300 hits!)
...Life does not happen in isolation, we all are influenced by others and in turn influence people. I know that my life as a teacher I will go through many phases, ups and downs, and that they are all part of my own learning journey.  This is how I see the link with a river, the continuous flow of developing my own skills, learning, gaining knowledge and wisdom, being a role model, a positive influence and mentor to my students...

I love 'Teaching', I'm proud to call myself a 'Teacher'; and the complexity of learning and constant change makes it the most fascinating profession in the world. 

We need to develop this Mindset in our student to not give up, not believe that they cannot change, that they cannot do something. This involves in us having the mindset of growth and risk-taking, and embracing challenges. 

Don't say "I can't", let's all start saying "Yet" (and "Yes") and change mindsets.

Leadership I have always been involved in some form of leadership, whether being the leader or being a member of the leadership team. I...

A is for..Assessment, Authentic & Australia So when I had the thought of doing the alphabet as part of my #28daysofwriting...

D - Digital Leadership One of the most important terms in education is to have schools providing 'Digital Leadership'...

You need to start somewhere, and I would encourage all educators to keep on trying new ideas, technology, keep on reading, start blogging, attend TeachMeets, join Twitter, connect with other educators. We all have so much to share and to learn from each other. You don't know what is out there until you begin.

Just Go Ahead and Jump..........

'Always Learning'

Twitter PLN
I also enjoyed being able to recommend so many great members of my PLN to the people that read my Blog posts. My apologies to anyone that I missed. There are many other wonderful educators in my Twitter PLN that I'm looking forward to connecting with more and more. There is so much to learn from one another and I encourage everyone to make connections and grow together.

Here is the list from the A-Z Blog posts:

Nicholas Provenzano
Nathan Weaver
Paul Browning
Pernille Ripp
Phillip Cooke
Phil Shapiro
Phil Taylor
Paul Gibbs
Peter Cameron

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