Wednesday, 4 February 2015

C- Creativity #28daysofwriting


A Key Skill for the 21st Century

Creativity - What an essential element of education that is so neglected in so many school systems. It is a term that I keep coming across in Blogs, Education articles, Tweets, Podcasts, TED Talks and at Conferences. 

The word creativity is defined as: 
"the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness."

If what we do as educators is not creating a learning space for creativity to flourish we are doing our students a great injustice. Creativity is a crucial part of learning, exploration, development and the future of our students. 

The topic is covered in great depth by so many individuals. One of the most famous being Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talk:

Then at the Google Teacher Academy in Sydney last year there was so much talk about curiosity and creativity. Many people shared their thoughts and experiences and made me realise even more how important it is.

Over the holidays I read a number of books that showcased, explained and elaborated on why creative individuals will be the future. I loved David Price's book "Open: How we'll work, live and learn in the future" and Dan Pink's book "A Whole New Mind". Both books mention a lot about how the future is shaping to be one where creative individuals will be the most successful and will become the standard.


To engage students, to allow students ownership of their learning, to trust them and to allow them to experiment is key to unleashing their creativity and independence. It is an area that demand our attention and where I hope to unleash my students potential; despite the rigid constraints of a senior curriculum that is focused on results, rather than actual learning

(I have found another key topic that I will explore more alongside Authentic Assessments.)

Bonus: My Twitter Recommendations- Letter C

These educators have been part of my PLN for some time and it is fantastic to be able to connect with them, share ideas, be challenged and learn from one another.

Corinne Campbell @corisel
Craig Kemp @mrkempnz
Catherine Hart @CatherineRHart
Chris Munro @CmunroOz
Chris Betcher @chrisbetcher

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