Thursday, 5 February 2015

D- Digital Leadership #28daysofwriting

D - Digital Leadership

One of the most important terms in education is to have schools providing 'Digital Leadership'. This term can apply to individuals in leadership position, but equally to general classroom teachers. We all have the responsibility to establish guidelines for how to provide Digital Leadership, establishing not only our school brand; but also our own individual brand. By leading with example, embracing digital tools and showcasing the teaching & learning of your students you are able to create a positive image of your practice/school.

Last year I read Eric Sheninger's book 'Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times'. One of the best books I read, with many different examples of how schools have utilised digital tools to connect with students, families and communities. The 7-pillars provide a solid framework to launch from (have a read here). 

1. Communication
2. Public Relations
3. Branding
4. Student engagement/learning
5. Professional growth/development
6. Re-envisioning earning spaces and environments
7. Opportunity

Each pillar compliments and supports each other, and the success of providing this leadership will make a significant impact on a school community. I would highly recommend this book.

As a teacher that is constantly trialling new ideas with technology in the classroom, I'm embracing this as part of my passion in teaching. I try and share my students work, make them more independent, and it is my aim to embrace the challenge even more. I want to be a catalyst in my school, with my students and to create more awareness of the role of digital tools. Digital Leadership and Digital Citizenship will go together, and by being a role-model for my students I hope to inspire, encourage and make them more aware of the significance of their digital presence.

Bonus: My Twitter Recommendations- Letter DThese educators have been part of my PLN for some time and it is fantastic to be able to connect with them, share ideas, be challenged and learn from one another. (so many D's)

Dan Haesler @danhaesler
David Price @DavidPriceOBE
Drew Minock @TechMinock
Don Wettrick @DonWettrick
Donelle Batty @dbatty1
Dean Sherski @shareski
Dave Burgess @burgessdave

I know I might miss a few along the way, but will add them as I come across them in my list.
Brad Waid @Techbradwaid
Bill Selak @billselak
Adam Bellow @adambellow
Brad Currie @bradmcurrie

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