Thursday, 12 February 2015

K - Kickstarter #28daysofwriting


Just a quick post tonight. I learnt about Kickstarter a few years ago, and other similar crowdfunding sites. A great new initiative to get projects up and running. Have a look at this video if you have no idea what it is or visit the website There are constantly new and amazing ideas being created, and some really wacky ones too.

This all forms part of the Entrepreneurial, Creative and Innovative culture I hope to encourage in my students. Today in Australia the unemployment rate hit 6.4%, and youth unemployment is a lot higher. Avenues like Kickstarter allows people to use their skills, passions and carve their own path. Who know, maybe it is time to start something like this for our students and help them launch their innovations.

Encourage innovation, create opportunities for ideas to flourish and allow students to take risks through taking on challenges.

Two Kickstarter projects I have supported last year:

Kitchen Overlord Illustrated Cookbook

David Bowden  - Spoken Word Artist - I used to be in Love

Explore, encourage, share and support.

Bonus: My Twitter Recommendations- Letter K
These educators have been part of my PLN for some time and it is fantastic to be able to connect with them, share ideas, be challenged and learn from one another.

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