Tuesday, 24 February 2015

W - Why? #28daysofwriting Day 24


The 5 questions that are central in enquiring about History. When we analyse source documents, images, inscriptions, cartoons, posters, photographs, audio, visual, etc. we always come back to these five W's.

What is it?
What is it made of?

Who made it?
Who wrote it?
Who is it in the image?

Where is it?
Where was it?

When was it made?
When was it found?

These four provide a very factual record and account of the artefacts and events, but the key question for me boils down to 'Why?'.

Why is it important?
Why has it survived?
Why did someone say this?
Why did they portray them like this on an image?
Why did they do this?

The question 'Why' encourages deeper investigation, it creates curiosity and exploration. This is the key question for me to have students discuss and elaborate on. 
Why do we study the past?
Why do we need to understand the past?
Why do individuals cause so much violence and oppression?
Why are events in 2015 linked to events decades, centuries, millenniums back?

Help your students discover the 'Why' and they will always search for the 'Why'

Bonus: My Twitter Recommendations- Letter W
These educators have been part of my PLN for some time and it is fantastic to be able to connect with them, share ideas, be challenged and learn from one another. 

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