Sunday, 1 February 2015

And so my random thoughts begin with #28daysofwriting

When Tom Barrett posted about #28daysofwriting I was immediately drawn to the concept of somehow forming a habit of writing, collecting my thoughts and be pushed to publish them. I'm not a natural writer like my wife Jacqui (@JaxduT), and I struggle to find the time to put these thoughts down. This is the perfect challenge to kickstart this new habit and hopefully unleash a creative force before university starts. 

In 4 weeks I launch myself into a challenging and rewarding Masters program with Charles Sturt University doing 'Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation' under Judy O'Connell, with Ewan McIntosh, Julie Lindsay and Dean Groom as some of the lecturers. I'm looking forward to the challenge and the amazing new learning opportunity.  By getting into the habit now of thinking, reflecting and writing about education (and other random thoughts) I should get my mindset ready for the start of the semester. 

So my 28 days will be split into this opening post, 26 posts on the letters of the alphabet and my random thoughts educationally related to that letter, and then we finish with number 28 reflecting on the whole process. I hope that I can share some insight, new ideas, gain new perspectives, or just have some fun along the way. 

Day 1 done, and tomorrow we launch into Day 2: Assessments, Authentic & Australia
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