Saturday, 7 February 2015

F - Frustration #28daysofwriting

I'm sitting here trying to write a blog post on my tablet after my laptop crashed yesterday afternoon (yet again) and school IT took it in to repair. Tablets are great, but really hard for 28 minutes of writing. I had planned on writing about Frustration today and it is even more apt now (even though it was a different angle I had envisioned).

We all get frustrated when technology fails us, when students can't access websites like Google (!), when WiFi goes down, when you get the spinning rainbow wheel of death,when there are no real solutions...... And so many educators face this in their classrooms all around the world with technology issues every day. There are thousands of students that do not have access to technology, where educators are struggling to meet just the basic needs of the students and where some might never even have seen the internet. That is a daily reality for so many, and I wish there was an easy solution for this. I'm grateful for what is available, but frustrated that so many still lack accessibility. It becomes more than an individual issue, but rather a global issue. 

It is exciting to read about the progress of Google Project Loon:

Many reading this blog have access already to WiFi, technology, and live in a world where it is accessible & demanded in schools-
We want to be able showcase digital citizenship, We want to be able to develop their digital literacy, Create interactive lessons with access to digital tools and be able Connect our students with the rest of the world. 

So even if I'm frustrated with tech issues, they are insignificant compared to what others face daily. So we need to challenge the frustration and push to improve it for all

Bonus: My Twitter Recommendations- Letter F
These educators have been part of my PLN for some time and it is fantastic to be able to connect with them, share ideas, be challenged and learn from one another. (not many starting with F) 

Flat Connections 

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