Sunday, 18 January 2015

New Insight & Learning from Holiday Reading

My 5 week holiday in South Africa allowed me lots of free time to pursue some reading, and it was wonderful to have this chance to read again without all the pressures of the school term and studies. Here are the books I read and a short note on each. Click on the title if you wish to have a look at the book in more detail and see some reviews.

Open - How we'll work, live and learn in the future
David Price

Absolutely loved this book. Fantastic book that challenges ideas and explores a very relevant change that is required in how we approach business and education. Highly recommended.

Digital Leadership
Eric Sheninger

Excellent examples, and provides a clear direction of where school leaders should focus. The 7 pillars are each equally important and leaders can definitely benefit from embracing modern tools to connect, share and communicate. This book I found to have the most useful and practical advice for me to use in my own situation.
A Whole New Mind
Daniel Pink

Very enjoyable, and interesting insights into the differences between left/right brained individuals. Why Abundance, Automation and Asia will play such a huge role in our future.

Drive - The surprising truth about what motivates us
Daniel Pink

This book needs no introduction, brilliant overview of motivation. One of my favourites from the holiday, and highly recommended.

Outliers - The story of success
Malcolm Gladwell

This book has many different stories and reasons why people become successful. The 10000 hour rule, opportunity, culture and much more play a role in why people become successful. Really enjoyed this book.

Seth Godin

This book was probably the one I enjoyed the least, seemed a bit of  a rant and repetitive. We all understand that we need to lead, and that we need to have people that will be part of our group. Was a very quick read though, and he does cover some interesting point on why we need to lead.

Seth Godin

Another book I was looking forward to reading, but at the end it also felt a bit repetitive. I agree with the concept that we need to become Linchpins, and to show our students how they can become indispensable. 

Some Fiction in the mix too

The 100 year old man that climbed out the window and disappeared was absolutely brilliant. Outrageously funny, absurd, and weaves historical events together. A great book by the swedish author, Jonas Jonasson. 

The Girl who saved the King of Sweden is the second book by the Swedish author, also a very funny story that somehow makes sense at the end of weird sequence of events.

This Matthew Reilly book was quite average compared to the bulk of his previous work. Short easy read, and you will enjoy it if you are a Reilly fan.

Next up on my reading list
Looking forward to these books below over the next few months as I find time.

World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students

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