Sunday, 18 August 2013

Finding my 'Element'

I'm slowly reading Ken Robinson's The Element, and it has been quite insightful and I have enjoyed his writing style. The book contains a lot of different stories of how people found their calling, their element and purpose in life.

Ken Robinson discussing The Element

I have been teaching for almost 3 years now after only becoming a teacher in my 30s. I had studied a business degree and found the field of logistics along the way. I enjoyed the scheduling, organising and planning elements of Logistics. I still find it fascinating how the big manufacturing industry function and love watching programmes on them. There was also the family history of both my dad and granddad being in the construction industry. Construction and Logistics appear to be very related fields with the planning and organising of complex operations.

Then how did I end up being a teacher? I enjoyed school, loved university and loved learning; but at the age of 22 I had not given any thought of being a teacher. I thought my career was set to be in the Logistics world. A few years after university I married a teacher and my eyes were opened up to the education world. I saw her passion for her students and the challenging environment she was working in. There were highs and lows during her teaching years in South Africa. I started entertaining the thought of becoming a teacher, but no opportunity to do it in South Africa. We then moved to Australia in 2009 and not long after we arrived here I took the step to become a teacher. After doing my teaching diploma over 18 months I secured my first and current teaching position.

Over the past 2 year I have come to realise I have found my 'Element'.  I have found my passion, what I'm good at, and where I believe I can make a difference. I absolutely love being a teacher; it's challenging, exciting, rewarding, intellectually stimulating, unpredictable, evolving and a whole lot of fun.

I look forward to sharing more of my passion through this Blog and Twitter as I continue on my Teaching River.

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