Friday, 9 August 2013

Ups and downs

This term is almost half way and it is getting to countdown time for my seniors. The term has also been filled with many ups, but recently quite a few downs.

The Year 10 Modern History class has been the highlight thus far. The students are engaged with the paperless concept, they are enjoying the topic, we have interesting discussions and I leave every lesson with a big smile on my face. I love that feeling.
My other senior classes are also going well, my seniors are working so well independently. I'm feeling a little bit bored, I walk around and try and force them to get some help from me. I had an 80 minute lesson where my History class were doing research, and only 3 questions. They understand the process, the success criteria, the end piece, they know what is required. Feeling quite proud of their independence and that they are just about ready for university studies.

I won't discuss the downs on a public forum or blog, I have respect for my profession, colleagues and school not to do that. We all have frustrations at points and as I said in the previous post, teaching is like a river. It will pass and we move along down the river to the next moment of calm and joy.

Another good thing, to end of with, is that I have finished drafting a new Business Management subject work program a few months ahead of schedule, and rewrote my Modern History program during the June holidays. Both have to be sent off to a district panel to be analysed and approved for next year. Now I can focus on this term, and the mountain of marking looming and developing some other ideas.

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