Friday, 26 July 2013

A new blog for a fresh start

Last year I delved into blogging for the first time. It went well for a while, then I fell ill for a while and all momentum was lost.  The past six months have been busy, new content to teach and my new role as Head of Humanities increased my workload.  My engagement with Twitter also went through various stages of participation.

Over the past two months I have had renewed involvement with my Twitter PLN. The attendance of the EduTech Conference in Brisbane during June made quite an impact on my thinking. Initially I had to get through report writing, marking and end of term work. Then during the two week winter break I had some opportunity to reflect on everything I had learnt during the Conference. Brilliant and inspiring speakers like Dan Pink, sir Ken Robinson and many other wonderful speakers. They have all filled my mind this past month and I am thinking on how to grow and develop as an educator. I'm now reading Ken Robinsons book 'The Element' and finding it a very interesting read so far. More to follow on this book in a later post.

This term I have embarked on a couple of exciting projects. The first is attempting to going entirely paperless in my Year 10 Modern History class, with full use of Evernote and other online applications. My next post will share more about this project. I'm also started investigating further study, looking at options for a Masters course in History, but one that will improve my teaching practice and knowledge in History practices. The other project is getting back into blogging, and also establishing my website with History resources. I'm loving being a teacher, and every day is another exciting learning prospect.

So here goes, the first step into blogging in 2013 and a renewed motivation.

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