Monday, 29 July 2013

Revisiting my old blog

Below is a post from my attempt at blogging last year. I had managed 12 posts in total over the course of the second half of the year on Wordpress. Life and health got in the way, and only now am I looking at blogging again. I have decided to shift to Blogger mainly because of Google and how I seem to be using more of their applications these days, and it made sense to integrate it all together. So below is some info about me that was in last years blog. 
"I’m not a writer, and have never claimed to be one, but hopefully my posts will show you me, my reflections and thoughts and hopefully I can help others along the way as I discover more about education, life and legacy.
Recently I read a few blogs that had a common theme throughout them, the themes of finding yourself, motivation, legacy and purpose. One of my favourite blogs since starting on this journey has been Cool Cat Teacher Blog, it is truly inspirational and has helped me with my development (It still is, and has provided inspiration along the way). I’m realizing in my thirties what my purpose is, what I would like to accomplish and achieve, and what legacy I want to leave behind for my daughter. It has taken some time, and it is an evolving process and it is constantly changing as I discover more along the way. So lets look at some background, as it is always important to know where you are coming from.
From finishing school in 1997, the next few years involved travelling overseas and studying my first two degrees in Logistics, and eventually meeting my wonderful wife in 2003 in London. Married in 2005 and settled down in South Africa, working in Logistics industry, while she was teacher at a local school. We decided to leave South Africa and find a place where we could live and raise a family. In January 2009 we arrived in Australia, and immediately it felt like home. Within a few months here I decided it is time to change direction and started studying again.
2010 was one of the toughest and most joyful years I have ever experienced. We finally had a successful IVF cycle, and my wife was pregnant in April. Semester 2 brought full time study to complete the diploma, with part-time work and looking for a teaching position. In the last month of my studies, the sudden and unexpected passing of my dad in South Africa rocked my world. I had to leave a 7-month pregnant wife and apply for extensions for course, while I flew back to South Africa for the funeral. This was one of the hardest times I had ever experienced. Two days after returning I had an interview with a school and they offered me my first teaching position (at the age of 31). In December our baby girl made an early arrival on the 30th and we were truly blessed, excited and nervous for the year ahead. Two weeks later we moved to start the next chapter in our lives.
I have now been a teacher for 18 months, and a father for 18 months, and lived in a new town for 18 months. It has been a rewarding, challenging and ultimately an experience that has shaped my thoughts on our future. I’m excited about being a teacher, the role I have in students lives and my own personal development that is taking place."
Now I'm getting close to the end of my third year of teaching and a little bit wiser and more clear on my purpose. This I look forward to sharing with you over the coming weeks.

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