Thursday, 26 September 2013

Paperless class reflection

My first attempt at a Paperless classroom is over and I have two weeks holiday over which I will be reflecting. There have been some highlights and quite a few frustrations. This blog post is just the first in my reflections about how it went, with more to follow. I discussed the paperless classroom in two previous posts: Post 1 & Post 2.

The Positives
  • Students love not having textbooks and papers to cart around
  • They don't have to worry about forgetting their books
  • They all saw the benefits of Evernote
  • The website creator - Weebly -was easy to use and they all plan on using it again
  • Easy way to share information with students
  • Track students progress with their shared notebooks

The Negatives
  • Internet access at times being inconsistent
  • Student laptops having issues connecting with Evernote and Weebly
  • Draft marking quite time consuming with a large class and doing everything digitally
  • Doing the final marking was difficult with multiple documents - assignment task sheet, research notes and the actual websites

Possible Future Adjustments
  • Better structured digital research notes
  • Help Desk for kids having trouble with technology
  • Allow students to write notes and digitally scan them in
  • Need for final task to be printed out to keep records
  • Speed up process of getting studnets set up
  • Higher expectations of research

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