Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Every contact leaves a trace

One of my favourite television shows is 'Dexter'. I have been intrigued by the story from the very beginning, and the moral ambiguity of the main character. It definitely is not your traditional story, not a black & white story, but many different shades of grey for each situation. This past week a quote from a recent episode came through my Facebook newsfeed.

“Every contact leaves a trace. Everything and everyone we touch is changed in some way. But the changes, they are never what we anticipate.” –#Dexter

This made me think of our role as teachers and how each day we leave a trace of ourselves with the people we come in contact with. Over the past few years I have come into contact with many students in my classes, in playgrounds, different events and multiple excursions. I have had great discussions, laughter, stress, tears, stand-offs, joy, excitement, surprises, fun, anger, happiness, success, failure, achievements, and many other experiences. Many of these situations I have had an influence on a student, and in most cases I could never anticipate exactly what it would be. 

There have been a number of students that have in turn had an influence on myself and my teaching. They have left a trace on me and how I approach my own teaching. Many of them probably will never realise how they have left an influence on me. 

As a teacher we have a very important responsibility in how we influence our students and what legacy we leave with them. This is why it is important to be mindful, considerate, approachable, fair, dedicated, committed, compassionate, and always give your absolute best. 

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