Sunday, 4 August 2013

What will be my impact on the generations to follow

At church this morning one of the key points was "What will be my impact on the generations to follow".  This was related to priests and prophets during the old testament and setting the example for their future generations. I immediately saw a strong link to our role as teachers. It needs to be one of the integral philosophies behind what we do. What we do today impacts the lives not only of the student in front of us, but their children to come.

We need to reflect on this question, "What will be my impact on the generations to follow?".

How will I impact my students lives?
How will I inspire them?
How will I change, transform and develop their learning?
How will I lead them on their journey?
How will I help them to explore their abilities?
How will my role benefit their lives?
How can I be a positive influence?
How will, what I do today, influence their children's lives?
How can I be the best that I can be for others?

We have a profound responsibility and duty to every student that crosses our paths. We never truly understand how much impact we have on a students' life.

Be prepared, be knowledgable, be reliable, be fair, be strict, be flexible, be approachable, be compassionate, be reflective, be there for them, be the teacher, be the mentor, be the guide, be the inspiration, and be awesome.

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